Orb Guardians

Anyone native to the Drakalor Chain would know these as legends. This is an extension of what the Oracle has told you.

When the Drakalor Chain was first found by sentient humanoids, they discovered it was the home of the Chaos Gate. Beyond the Gate laid Andor Drakon, the Elder Chaos God, who threatened to twist the natural world in his own twisted image.

To prevent this, the sages of their time built the Anomalies above the Gate. The only way to descend past the Anomalies would be to active them. There were five Anomalies – Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Mana. To activate the Anomalies, fire orbs were created from the pure essence of each anomaly. Each Orb was given to a guardian, chosen for their great ability and courage.

The Orb of Elemental Water was given to the Snake from Beyond, a giant water snake with a deadly poison. He kept near the banks of the great river that flows through the Chain.

The Orb of Elemental Fire was given to Harthiyel, a red dragon of enormous strength and power. He built a great tower and protected it with locks of magical fire so that no one could enter without protection from fire.

The Orb of Elemental Earth was given to Kevard, king of the giant tribes. He used his strength to build a series of caverns deep within the Chain itself.

The Orb of Elemental Air was given to Yulgash, champion of the ratling race and an accomplished summoner. Before the gate opened, Yulgash kept the orb in Vecnost itself, though who knows now.

The Orb of Elemental Mana was given to the Archmage, Nuurung-Vaarn. He created a set of twisting mazes underneath an ancient library.

We fear that the forces beyond the Chaos Gate played upon the Guardians’ thirst for power and will not give anyone the Orbs or allow anyone to close the Gate without force.

Orb Guardians

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